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Comprehensive and Innovative Diagnostic Solutions

Modern Lab Testing

aiDX is dedicated to using the most modern technology available to provide cost-effective laboratory care. Laboratories need to be modular and flexible because of both technological advances and external economic pressures. Laboratory techniques need to be adaptable to the presence of new instrumentation or methodology to provide cost-effective care.

Mobile Services

Applied Ingenuity Diagnostics has a team of phlebotomists that can drive to your location as long as you are within 50 miles of our location in Orlando, FL. Our sample collections procedures are among the highest-quality collections which increases the accuracy of lab results. We can also offer custom testing plans for businesses that need multiple tested in one or multiple visits.

At-Home Test Kits

Convenience is key. We are validating test kits to make laboratory testing affordable and convenient. Our self-collection test kits are mailed directly to your door and allow you to collect samples privately. Because time is money. Then send the samples back to us. Results posted online. Medical consultations are available to review your test results.

Services for Employers, Health Systems, CROs

Promoting a healthy community starts in the workplace. We have numerous services and solutions tailored to fit your needs. These include preventive diagnostic testing for health screening either through at-home test kits or on-site collections. We want to engage wherever people receive care.

PGX, NGS and Genomics

aiDX is a comprehensive clinical genetic laboratory. We use advanced bioinformatics coupled with a multi-omics approach to provide answers for rare diseases, implement precision medicine solutions and provide accurate diagnostics. We envision a world of personalized medicine where care-providers can use cost-effective diagnostic tests.

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Who We Are

aiDX or ai_Diagnostics is a Diagnostics Solutions Provider.  In an era, where genomic, metabolomic and proteomics have increased our knowledge of disease processes, the healthcare system operates in a fragmented diagnostics space.  aiDX aims to be a comprehensive laboratory focusing on bringing access to the latest in multi-omics diagnostic technology.   We offer clinical testing for a wide array of medical conditions. Our focus is the use of multi-parametric testing where we combine diagnostic biomarkers to provide more actionable test results.

Applied InGenuity Diagnostics started as a concept from our Medical Director who is a Clinical Geneticist and an Internist. The difficulty in diagnostic testing was to combine both genetic and non-genetic (environmental, clinical, nutritional, family history, vital signs) information valuable information for making actual patient decisions. More often than not, the medical decision was somewhat arbitrary based on evidence-based data for populations but that did not consider important personal information. Consequently, the idea was developed for a laboratory that would utilize a combination of clinical and laboratory information to optimize healthcare decisions.

Our Vision –  is a world of Personalized Medicine where Care-Providers can use cost-effective diagnostic tests for the diagnosis, prognosis and management of diseases tailored to the specific individual.

Our Mission –   is to provide Care-Providers with the best diagnostic tools for Clinical Decision Making to their patients.

Test Categories

COVID Testing

aiDX was one of the leaders of COVID19 testing in the SouthEast where we performed more than 4000 tests per day for utilities, state governments, hospitals, employers and the Convention Center

General Health Tests

Our core lab has standard capabilities of Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, and Immunochemistry. We offer rapid turnaround times and focus on patient and client service

Infectious Disease

Molecular infectious disease testing based on regional epidemiology and data. In addition, we offer NGS based testing with comprehensive antibiotic susceptibility

Next Gen Sequencing Panels

Specialized NGS panels across specialites including: Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology, Nephrology, Immunology and Reproductive Health

Whole Exome and Genome Sequencing

Powered by AI -based Genetic Data Analysis with thorough bioinformatics integration with the latest genotype and phenotype databases to provide confident test results


Combining Metabolomics, Proteomics and Genomics, we offer comprehensive testing coverage for more than 20,000 genes, 7,000 rare diseases, and 1,400 inherited disorders

Frequently Asked Questions?

Our main laboratory is based out of Orlando, FL. Our address is 7040 Lake Ellenor Dr, Orlando, FL 32809

The turn-around time for each test is based on the complexity of the test and the instrumentation required. In many cases, we can return results within 24 hours. In our test-menu we list typical turn around times. If you have questions, you can always contact us


YES. We still offer Direct-To-Consumer testing for patients. An appointment is required but we can offer same-day appointments.

YES. All testing can be ordered online, Applied InGENuity Diagnostics can processes specimens ordered by patients & providers. Lab results will be sent to a HIPPA-protected portal. 

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Daniel & Karen
Daniel & Karen★★★★★
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Just wanted to thank you for how professional, wholesome and clever you were towards us. We had a problem coming into Chile, but it was because of poor planning on our part and hard regulations by the Chilean government. Applied diagnostics was all we needed and more. Thanks once again, guys!
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The testing process is extremely easy and the reports are easy to understand.
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Great staff they were really friendly and were able to answer all of my moms questions. If you need to get tested for COVID I highly recommend this location!