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Clinical Research, Test commercialization or any other research service needs, our CLIA approved high-complexity laboratory can help support you.  We help startups in the diagnostics space commercialize their diagnostics by providing method validation services as LDT.  We can provide secondary support to identify appropriate billing codes and a path to commercial success.  For CROs and other research organizations, we can help provide diagnostic services from test kits for patient enrollment to specialty testing.

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Diagnostic Specialty Areas

We specialize molecular diagnostics including SNP genotyping, gene expression analysis, biomarker discovery, companion diagnostics, whole exome sequencing and next-generation sequencing.

For pathogen detection and surveillance

Applied InGENuity Diagnostics’ real-time PCR system provides maximum multiplexing capabilities and high detection sensitivity and specificity in testing for pathogens, such as SARS-CoV2, UTI, STI, Respiratory organisms and Biothreat agents. We also perform NGS ID identification. Target DNA or RNA can be extracted and amplified from a variety of sample types, including serum, plasma, and swabs.


We offer core lab diagnostic services including on-site phlebotomy and downstream analysis.  In addition,  we have validated a number of self-collection kits allowing for easy screening of potential research subjects in any part of the clinical trial.  


We have developed proprietary methods for simultaneous mineral and metal quantification from serum using X-ray spectrophotometry. This method allows us to accurately measure small quantities of minerals.


Through a collaboration with QUASR Diagnostics, we are developing In-Field diagnostic tests for a number of biothreats.  QUASR assays allow for rapid 20 minutes detection.  AIDX has method validated a number of assays using QUASR technology developed by SANDIA National Laboratories


aiDX has extensive experience in method validation and verification of assays as LDT’s. Our research facility can help in the commercialization process for LDTS for entrepreneurs looking to bring diagnostic tests to market


A Certified & Trusted Diagnostic Testing Partner

Applied InGENuity Diagnostics’ research facility is located within Applied InGENuity’s CLIA-certified and COLA-accredited laboratory in Orlando, Florida. Our facility has extensive instrumentation across a variety of diagnostic platforms allowing us to provide research services in Clinical Chemistry, Immunochemistry, Hematology, ELISA, Allergy, Molecular, NGS, and WES.

Research Services at with the Highest Standards

We currently work with CROs and numerous small laboratories providing a wide array of research services.  Our goal is to provide timely results that you can be confident in.

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