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MTHFR Gene Mutation Test Kit – C677T & A1298C Analysis

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Specifically designed to detect key mutations in the MTHFR gene – C677T and A1298C, this kit offers a deeper understanding of your genetic predispositions that can influence your well-being.

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At-Home BRCA Test Kit With Counseling- Secure & Accurate Genetic Screening

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What is a BRCA Gene Test Kit?

Take control of your health with our At-Home BRCA Test Kit. Designed for ease and accuracy, this kit helps you assess your genetic risk for breast and ovarian cancer. It’s simple to use, offers fast results, and ensures confidentiality. Equip yourself with crucial health information right from the comfort of your home, and make informed decisions about your future health and well-being

Our BRCA Gene Test Kit identifies the following mutations.

  • BRCA1
  • BRCA2

Both genes can be associated with developing breast and/or ovarian cancer. Our BRCA gene test includes a genetic consultation to discuss cancer risks.

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N-acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2) Genetic At-Home Test Kit

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Our N-acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2) Genetic At-Home Test Kit tests to see if a person has a genetic mutation with this gene. A genetic mutation of this gene can produce enzymes that can affect some patients’ reactions to certain medications. This mutation can also be linked to various cancers and diseases.

This N-acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2) Genetic At-Home Test Kit can be used in the comfort of your home and results are confidentially sent directly to you digitally.

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Testing Categories

General Health Test Kits

Our general health test kits allow you to monitor your health and promote wellness from the comfort of home. Once we receive and test your sample, your results posted in our secure patient portal.

Genetic Testing Kits

Our Genetic testing kits allow you to look for inherited gene mutations that can be associated with increased cancer risk. Once we receive and test your sample, your results posted in our secure patient portal.

Sexual Health Test Kits

Our discreet sexual health test kits allow you to monitor your sexual health from the comfort of home. Once we receive and test your sample, your results posted in our secure patient portal.

Still Have Questions?

At the moment we can proudly ship products to 49 states. The only state we are unable to ship test kits to is New York. This is due to the state’s regulations around testing.

Once your order is complete, your package will be shipped out within 1 day, and you will receive your order within 2-5 business days. Once your sample reaches the lab, they will begin processing the sample. Typically, you will see your results within 5 business days of the lab having started the processing stage, depending on which test you ordered.


Our laboratory is CLIA-certified, which means they must meet or exceed high precision, accuracy, and validity standards, obtain both state and federal certifications, and submit themselves to regular inspections as well as independent third-party performance verifications.

Our lab performs regular quality assurance testing and are often the same labs many physicians use to perform their testing. 

You are responsible for using any aiDX At-Home Test Kits safely, in accordance with the  attached directions or based on directions provided on our website so as not to hurt or injure yourself or others.  In the absence of any negligence or breach of duty by us, the use of an At-Home Test Kit is entirely at your own risk.
Failure by you to strictly follow the instructions provided may result in an incorrect result due to the poor quality of the sample provided and may incur additional cost for additional test kits and aiDX is not liable for any such errors or result issues.
At-Home Test Kits are provided in sealed boxes.  If your test kit arrives broken or is missing materials, please contact us immediately.  Sample must be returned safely by following the instructions provided for return shipping.  This includes appropriately labelling specimens, placing them in secondary spill containers (plastic bags).
By ordering an At-Home Test Kit you warrant that such kit will be undertaken by the individual who is named as the patient.  If you are ordering for a minor or secondary individual, please call and provide us that information.  You acknowledge that providing a sample on the not named individual will result in misleading or incorrect results and aiDX is not liable for misinterpretation or clinical care provided based on these test results.
aiDx is not liable for third-party courier services (UPS, FEDEX, USPS) for failure to return samples in a timely manner and/or loss of samples incurred by a third party.
aiDX is not bound by the time-frame provided for test-result reporting.  We endeavor to return all tests results in a timely manner but due to instrument issues, personnel changes, weather, or other issues impacting the laboratory, we may not be able to deliver results within the stated time frame.  
aiDX may include medical consultation with the test result.  Medical consultations are delivered by a medical professional and may be delivered by a third-party contracted with but not affiliated with aiDX.  aiDX assumes no liability associated with third-party medical consultations.
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