Genetic Health Tests

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  • Peekaboo Early Gender Determination Test

    Peeakaboo Early Gender Reveal Test

  • black man holding the hand of his child as the child lays in his arms

    Paternity Test

  • Judge writing a court order on a piece of paper with a pen on a table with gavel off to the side

    Court Admissible Paternity Test

  • A model of a brain along with a model of neurons on a table

    ApoE Gene Test

  • a model of a brain that has been cut in half revealing the inside of the brain

    Familial Alzheimer’s Disease Test

  • doctor reviewing patient forms for patient who came in for a mthfr genetic test

    MTHFR Gene Mutation Test


Talk with a Physician

Request a call back from a Physician, and we will get in touch within 24 hours. Our appointments are only to discuss and interpret test results.  We do not provide medication management. This should be left to your primary care doctor

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