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What is Mobile Phlebotomy?

Some people who need blood work regularly are occasionally unable to leave their place of residence or office to get a blood sample over to a medical laboratory. For instance, places like a retirement home might have a difficult time transporting people to a clinic. This is where Applied InGENuity Diagnostics comes in.

On-Location Phlebotomy Services

As long as you are within 50 miles of our location, we can send trained phlebotomists to your home, office, or almost any location of your choosing.


$50 Flat Fee & an additional $10 fee for each additional patient. 

Experienced phlebotomist preparing a woman for blood draw
Phlebotomist assembling the syringe prior to blood collection

Our Mobile Phlebotomy Service Includes:

  • Collecting blood samples from the individual. This will be done with hygienic equipment and procedures.
  • Label the collected samples.
  • Keep appropriate records of the individual as well as what tests were completed.
  • Samples will hygienically be transported back to our laboratory with great care.

Mobile Phlebotomy For Businesses:

  • We offer custom plans and pricing for businesses that need to have multiple people tested.
  • If a patient needs blood drawn, we can show up the same day or have that patient visit us the same day.
  • We can have results as soon as 24 hours from the time of the blood draw.


If you are interested in recurring appointments please call us.

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