Can You Prevent Anemia?

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Can you prevent anemia? Well, many types of anemia can’t be prevented. However, you can avoid iron and vitamin deficiency anemias by eating a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Why do I want to prevent Anemia?


In fact, anemia can cause many health problems:

Fatigue – Firstly, this is one of the main symptoms of Anemia. Fatigue can make even the most simple tasks very difficult to complete

Pregnancy Issues – Consequently, pregnant women with anemia are more likely to experience issues during pregnancy.

Heart Issues – Moreover, anemia can cause an irregular heart beat. This can become an issue because your heart will pump more blood through your body, which can lead to an enlarged heart or heart failure.

Death – Finally, some forms of anemia can lead to death. Amongst older people anemia is considered to be an increased death risk.

What can I do to prevent Anemia?


Again, anemia can’t always be prevented. However, a healthy diet of vitamins and minerals, can prevent iron and vitamin deficiency anemias which are the most common forms.  Here are some things to add to your diet:

Iron – beef, beans, lentils, iron-fortified cereals, dark leafy green vegetables, and dried fruit

Folate – Fruits, fruit juices, dark leafy green vegetables, green peas, kidney beans, peanuts, bread, Methandienone cycle for men cereal, pasta, & rice

Vitamin B-12 – Meat, dairy products, fortified cereal, and soy products

Vitamin C – Citrus fruits & juices, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, melons and strawberries

How do I know when to get Tested?


With this in mind, we recommend you get a test if any of the following are true for you: fatigue, weakness, pale or yellowish skin, irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pain, cold hands and feet, and or headaches

If you need to test for anemia, we offer an anemia panel in the general health section of our inventory. Click below to view our test kit


Anemia Panel



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