Changes in COVID Test Reimbursement

the HRSA COVID19 Uninsured Program stopped

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End of the HRSA Program

If you are not aware, the HRSA COVID19 Uninsured Program stopped accepting claims on March 22, 2022 due to a lack of funds.

The HRSA fund was created by Congress to cover healthcare claims related to: testing, treatment and vaccines.  With the end of this fund, both providers and uninsured individuals must seek alternative resources.  These may include enrollment of individuals through Medicaid or Healthcare Marketplace

Link for Medicaid above:

Link for Healthcare Marketplace above:

If you still have clients that require COVID19 testing, we will require updated insurance information.

What Happens Next?

1) We will contact your office for updated insurance information.

2) If there is no insurance in place, you have two options:

A) Bill, you as the client and you may put in a process to bill the client appropriately. If you DO NOT have a
Client Bill account with us, please contact our Business Development office at: 407-594-8633 or email
B) Or you can contact the patient and provide discounted pricing for continuing with testing.

Thank you for your understanding.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Jack Towers