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Our mission is to empower individuals with comprehensive genetic insights, offering personalized, compassionate consultations that elucidate hereditary conditions and inform health decisions. We are dedicated to advancing genetic knowledge, promoting preventative care, and supporting patients in navigating their unique genetic landscapes with clarity and confidence.

Our virtual visits allow us to provide guidance, test result interpretation and clinical evaluation (with limitations)

Experienced Geneticists and Genetic Counselors

Expert Knowledge: Our team stays updated with the latest advancements in genetic science. Confidentiality Assured: Your genetic information is handled with the utmost privacy and respect. Accessible Services: Making genetic counseling available to all who need it, regardless of background or medical history

Professional & Friendly Staff

Empathetic Approach: We understand the sensitivity of genetic information and handle every case with care. Collaborative Care: Working closely with your healthcare providers to integrate genetic insights into your overall health plan.

Requires Device with Camera

We need face to face interactions to optimize our video consultation. Strong internet connection required.

Appointments available usually within 1-2 weeks

Where in-person genetic evaluations are often months out, We can accomodate you sooner. Schedule Appointments Here

In-Person Genetic Counseling/Diagnostics in Central Florida & Orlando

Discover personalized genetic healthcare with Ai_Diagnostics, now offering in-person visits in Central Florida and Orlando. Our clinic specializes in comprehensive genetic counseling and testing, tailored to your unique needs. Conveniently located for Central Florida residents, we provide a comfortable, local setting for all your genetic health inquiries. With flexible payment options, including insurance and self-pay, accessing our services is stress-free. Trust our expert clinical geneticists for insightful, compassionate care right in the heart of Orlando. Schedule your in-person consultation today and take a proactive step in understanding your genetic health.

Accessible Genetic Services: Self-Pay & Insurance Options

At Ai_Diagnostics, we believe in making advanced genetic services accessible to all. Our flexible payment options, including self-pay and various insurance plans, ensure you can access our comprehensive genetic testing and counseling services without financial strain. 1. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage We accept a wide range of insurance plans. Our team can assist in helping you understanding your coverage for genetic services. 2. Convenient Self-Pay Options Competitive and transparent pricing for all services. Flexible payment plans to suit your budget.

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Our Services

We provide a number of Genetic services. In addition, as a comprehensive Genetic Testing Laboratory, we can make sure the right testing is performed to address your genetic questions.


Advanced Genetic Diagnostic Evaluations

Step into the future of healthcare with Applied Ingenuity state-of-the-art genetic diagnostic evaluations, offering precise and comprehensive analysis to unlock vital genetic information for informed health decisions. Diagnostic services include evaluation to determine the testing strategy to identify or confirm a genetic diagnoses

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Personalized Genetic Care for Adults

Explore tailored adult genetic services at [Clinic Name], providing in-depth genetic analysis and personalized care plans to address adult-specific genetic health concerns and promote long-term well-being. From neurological conditions, cancer, cardiology and other specialties, we can offer the ability to address the growing need for genetics input in care and management of adults.

Expert Second Opinions on Genetic Test Results - Clarity & Confidence

Gain peace of mind with Applied Ingenuity's expert medical second opinions on genetic test results or diagnoses, ensuring accuracy and clarity in your genetic health journey.

Pharmacogenetics - Optimize Your Medication with Genetic Insights

Unlock the power of personalized medicine with Applied Ingenuity's pharmacogenetics services, leveraging your unique genetic profile to tailor medication choices for maximum efficacy and minimal side effects. Pharmacogenomic testing allows for optimization of medication regimens with the goal of being on the right drug for the right condition.

Expert Genetic Counseling - Navigating Your Genetic/Risk Journey with Compassion

Embark on an informed genetic journey with Applied InGenuity's expert genetic counseling services, providing you with personalized guidance and support to understand and manage your genetic health.Disease risk is complicated. For rare disease, cancer predisposition, neurological conditions, genetic counseling allows for more informed decision making

Rare Disease

Specialized Pediatric Genetics Services at - Caring for Your Child's Genetic Health

"Ensure the best for your child's health with Applied Ingenuity's pediatric genetics services, offering specialized care and insights for early detection and management of genetic conditions in children. Rare diseases and genetic syndromes of children are important to identify early to offer the opportunity to connect with support services as soon as possible.

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