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General Health Testing

General Health testing is routine lab testing that measures specific levels associated with health and general wellness. These are standard tests.

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  • Man suffering a heart attack due to high cholesterol levels
    Screening Test

    Cholesterol, Total

  • Blood sample for lipid profile test LDL
    Screening Test

    Lipid Panel with calculated LDL

  • Anemia Panel AiDX

    Anemia Panel

  • Basic Health Panel

    Basic Health Panel

  • Doctors examining patient's medical records

    Basic Health Panel with Lipids

  • Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) AiDX

    Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) w/out Diff AiDX

    Complete Blood Count (CBC) w/out Diff

  • Comprehensive Diabetes Panel AiDX

    Comprehensive Diabetes Panel

  • Comprehensive Health Panel AiDX

    Comprehensive Health Panel

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