Infectious Disease Testing

Our infectious disease testing helps healthcare providers by providing rapid diagnosis of infectious agents often with antibiotic resistance patterns.

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  • Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Cover Image

    Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

  • Respiratory Viral Panel Cover Image

    Respiratory Viral Panel

  • Same-Day COVID 19 PCR Test
    Most Popular

    Same-Day RT PCR Test

  • Vaginitis with Expanded STI Testing Cover Image
    self collection

    Vaginitis with Expanded STI Testing

  • COVID 19 Antigen Test
    Best Value

    Rapid Antigen COVID Test

  • Quantiferon TB-Gold Plus

    QuantiFERON Gold TB Test

  • HPV (human papillomavirus) Cover Image

    HPV (human papillomavirus) Test

  • UTI - Uncomplicated

    UTI – Uncomplicated

  • Vertical shot of young happy cheerful Indian medical doctor in white doctor's robe having appointment consulting ofemale patient in modern medical laboratory.

    UTI – Uncomplicated Test with Medical Consultation

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