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Orlando Basic Health Panel Test

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Ensure your health is on track with our Basic Health Panel Test, now available in Orlando. This screening includes a Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP), Complete Blood Count (CBC), and Urinalysis, providing a detailed overview of your overall well-being. Quick and accurate, our lab offers the convenience and reliability you need for your routine health check-up.

The Basic Health Panel includes three tests that are commonly ordered during an annual exam to assess your general health. For example, this panel will evaluate many different factors such as blood components, electrolytes, and blood sugar.

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Comprehensive Basic Metabolic Profile (BMP) Testing Services – Accurate & Quick Lab Results

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Elevate your health management with our Basic Metabolic Profile (BMP) testing. Our advanced lab services provide crucial insights into key metabolic markers, ensuring accurate and timely assessment of your body’s essential functions for maintaining overall well-being. This panel checks many different body functions and can give information about kidney function, electrolyte balance, blood sugar levels, and metabolism.¹ A BMP is a good place to start when looking for basic information about your health.

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Advanced Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Testing for Accurate Health Insights (CMP)

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Get a complete view of your metabolic health with our Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. Accurately measuring vital health indicators, our test is crucial for diagnosing health issues and monitoring organ function. Rely on our expert testing for precise and valuable health insights.

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