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Men’s Health Checkup

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Men’s Health Panel

  1. Evaluates for basic health by looking at electrolytes, liver function and kidney function (CMP)
  2. Screens for Prostate Cancer (PSA)
  3. Evaluate Men with BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) (PSA)
  4. Urinalysis for kidney health
  5. Evaluates for Diabetes (HgBA1c)
  6. Tests for Cardiovascular risk (Lipid Panel)
  7. Tests basic hormone health (Testosterone)

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Testosterone Test Kit

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You can check testosterone levels with an at-home testosterone test kit. This test uses a small, finger prick blood sample that you collect at home.

Total Testosterone

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Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone usually associated with “male” development but also found in women.  Testosterone levels decrease in men as they age and can be associated with a variety of symptoms.  Women may also have symptoms from elevated levels of testosterone.  This test can be used in pediatric patients to assess puberty.  For adult men, where testosterone testing is most commonly necessary, it is used to diagnose Low-T