Diabetes Management Panel


This Diabetes Management Panel helps monitor blood sugar levels so you can manage your diabetes. This test measures your blood glucose and allows you to monitor your progress and evaluate how well your treatment is working.

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Sample Type

  • Blood sample
  • 1 mL serum collected in SST

Who should get the Diabetes Management Panel?

Our Diabetes Management Panel is ideal for anyone with diabetes looking for a way to monitor their diabetes. Also, we recommend that people with diabetes check their HbA1c every three months to twice a year depending on the severity of your condition.

Turnaround time

  • Note: Result turnaround times are only an estimate and may be subject to change.
  • Test turnaround time for the Diabetes Management Panel  is typically 1-3 business days.

Patient Preparation

  • Our Diabetes Management Panel requires fasting (no food or drink, only water) for 8-12 hours before your appointment.

Diabetes Management Panel Individual Test Information

  • Glucose (Blood Sugar) – The Glucose test identifies high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).
  • Hemoglobin A1c – The Hemoglobin A1c test measures average blood sugar over the past 2 to 3 months.




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On the go mobile phlebotomy service where we come to you to draw your lab work. We serve the entire Orlando Metro Area and anywhere that is within 50 miles of our lab. 

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