Pharmacogenomics: Comprehensive PGX Panel


Pharmacogenomics: Comprehensive PGX Panel, is a genetic test panel that analyzes the genetic variations in multiple genes involved in drug metabolism and response.


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What is a Comprehensive PGX Panel?

A Comprehensive PGX (Pharmacogenomics) Panel, is a genetic test panel that analyzes an individual’s genetic variations or mutations in multiple genes involved in drug metabolism and response.

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how an individual’s genetic makeup influences their body’s response to medications, in particular to how drugs metabolize, their efficacy, and their potential for causing adverse reactions or side effects.

What is a Comprehensive PGX Panel?

A Comprehensive PGX Panel analysis of a range of genes that are known to impact drug metabolism and response. Some of the key genes that are included in the panel:

  • Cytochrome P450 (CYP) Genes: These genes code for enzymes responsible for metabolizing many medications. Variations in CYP genes can affect how quickly or slowly a person metabolizes certain drugs. This can impact drug effectiveness and the risk of side effects.
  • Drug Transporter Genes: These genes code for proteins that transport drugs in and out of cells, though variations in drug transporter genes can affect how drugs are absorbed and distributed in the body.
  • Drug Target Genes: Genes coded for the proteins that drugs target in the body. However, variations in these genes can influence how effective a drug is in treating a specific condition.
  • Drug Response Genes: Genes related to specific drug receptors or pathways. Although, variations in these genes may affect how a person responds to a particular medication.

In general, this panel analyzes genetic variants to guide healthcare providers in medication decisions, dosing, and adjustments. Additionally, results aid healthcare providers in customizing medication choices and dosages based on patients’ genetic makeup, enhancing treatment effectiveness and safety.

Benefits of the Comprehensive PGX Panel

Some of the key benefits of the panel are:

  • Aids healthcare providers identify the most suitable medications for individual patients based on their genetic makeup, thus leading to more effective treatment outcomes.
  • Tailored medication choices to a patient’s genetic profile, enhancing the efficacy of treatments so patients can experience better symptom relief and improved overall health.
  • Identify genetic variations that may increase the risk of adverse drug reactions or side effects, therefore healthcare providers can choose medications that are likely to reduce the chances of negative treatment experiences.
  • Additionally, without PGX testing, healthcare providers often rely on a trial-and-error approach to finding the right medication and dosage for a patient. By comparison, PGX panels can expedite this process by providing insights into a patient’s likely responses to various medications.
  • Valuable in the management of chronic conditions where medication therapy is often long-term and the potential for adverse events is significant, such as: cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric disorders, and cancer.

It’s important to note that while PGX testing offers many benefits, it is just one tool in the overall assessment and treatment of patients. Additionally, genetic counseling is often recommended to help patients and providers interpret PGX results and make informed decisions about their treatment plans. In any case, you should speak with your healthcare provider to discuss if testing is right for you.

Genes in the Panel:

  • CYP2D6,
  • G6PD,
  • CYP1A2,
  • CYP2C19,
  • CYP2B6,
  • CYP2C9,
  • COMT,
  • CYP2B6,
  • CYP206,
  • OPRM1,
  • ANKK1,
  • OPRM1,
  • ADRA2A,
  • HTR2A,
  • UGT2B15,

Sample Type

  • Blood sample

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