Iron Panel (FE + TIBC)


The Iron Panel (FE + TIBC) offers a comprehensive view of a person’s iron metabolism and status. Results can aid in the diagnosis of iron-deficiency anemia.


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Iron Panel (FE + TIBC)

The Iron Panel (FE + TIBC) offers a more comprehensive view of a person’s iron metabolism and status. Iron tests, along with TIBC, are commonly used to diagnose iron-deficiency anemia. This allows healthcare providers to better diagnose and understand various iron-related disorders.

What’s in the Panel:

  • Iron (FE),
  • Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC)

The Iron Panel Benefits:

This panel provides several benefits in the evaluation of an individual’s iron status and overall health:

  • The combination of iron and TIBC can help differentiate between various types of anemia, such as:
    • iron-deficiency anemia,
    • anemia of chronic disease,
    • and hemolytic anemias
  • For individuals receiving iron supplementation or treatment for iron-deficiency anemia, regular monitoring of iron and TIBC levels can help healthcare providers assess the effectiveness of treatment and make necessary adjustments.
  • In cases of suspected iron overload disorders like hemochromatosis, TIBC levels, in combination with serum iron and transferrin saturation, can help confirm the presence of excess iron in the body.
  • The results of this panel can help guide healthcare providers in tailoring treatment strategies for iron-related disorders. This may include recommending dietary changes, iron supplementation, therapeutic phlebotomy (removal of excess iron), or further diagnostic tests.
  • Abnormal iron and TIBC levels can be indicative of underlying health issues beyond iron-related disorders. Identifying these issues early allows for timely intervention and management.
  • Allows for a more personalized approach to healthcare. Treatment plans can be tailored to an individual’s specific iron needs and health conditions.
  • Regular iron and TIBC testing can help identify iron-related issues before they become severe, enabling healthcare providers to address them early and prevent complications.

Overall, this panel can benefit individuals by providing valuable information about their iron status, helping diagnose and manage iron-related disorders, and contributing to better overall health and well-being. However, it’s important to interpret these tests in conjunction with a healthcare provider’s guidance, as results may vary based on individual circumstances and medical history.

Sample Type:

  • Blood Sample

Patient Preparation

  • No special preparation is needed.

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