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The PGX Pain Management Panel optimizes the effectiveness of pain management while reducing the risk of adverse reactions.


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What is a PGX Pain Management Panel?

The PGX Pain Management Panel is a genetic test panel designed to assist healthcare providers in optimizing pain management strategies for patients. Furthermore, this panel focuses on analyzing an individual’s genetic variations in genes that play a role in drug metabolism and responses to pain medications. The goal is to offer personalized guidance for effective and safe pain relief while reducing the risk of adverse reactions or ineffective treatments. PGX Pain Management Panels are particularly valuable in cases of chronic pain where treatment plans may involve long-term medication use.

What are the benefits of  a PGX Pain Management Panel?

Generally a PGX Pain Management Panel focuses on analyzing an individual’s genetic variations in genes related to pain perception, drug metabolism, and responses to pain medications. The goal is to provide healthcare providers with genetic information for personalized pain management decisions, especially in chronic or acute cases.

What’s in the Panel:

  • CYP1A2,
  • CYP2C19,
  • CYP2B6,
  • CYP2C9,
  • COMT,
  • CYP2B6,
  • CYP206,
  • OPRM1

Key components and features of a PGX Pain Management Panel:

Without a doubt, this panel can provide several significant benefits for both patients and healthcare providers when managing pain. Below lists some of the key benefits of receiving this genetic testing panel:

  • The panel analyzes genes associated with how individuals perceive and experience pain. Variations in these genes can influence an individual’s pain threshold and tolerance.
  • Identifies genetic markers associated with increased risk of adverse reactions to specific pain medications. This information can help healthcare providers avoid medications that may lead to severe side effects for certain individuals.
  • Based on the genetic information obtained from the panel, healthcare providers can create personalized pain management plans. This includes selecting the most appropriate pain medications, adjusting dosages, or exploring alternative treatments.
  • Minimizes risks of adverse reactions and improves the overall safety and efficacy of pain relief treatments by tailoring pain management based on an individual’s genetic profile.
  • Additionally, useful in cases of chronic pain management or palliative care, where long-term pain relief strategies are required, and the risk of adverse events needs to be carefully managed.

Healthcare providers may use the results to make more informed decisions about pain management, particularly when standard treatments have been ineffective or have caused undesirable side effects. Additionally, genetic counseling is often recommended to help patients and providers interpret the results and develop personalized treatment plans. In any case, you should speak with your healthcare provider to discuss if testing is right for you.

Sample Type:

  • 1ml of Blood

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