RadTox™ cfDNA Radiation Response Test


RadTox™ cfDNA Radiation Response Test is a simple blood test intended to offer an early assessment of patient response to radiotherapy.

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What is the purpose of the RadTox™ cfDNA Radiation Response Test?

The RadTox™ cfDNA Radiation Response Test offers an early assessment of a patients response to radiotherapy. In particular, this simple blood test monitors tumor response and progression after treatment. This is possible by monitoring changes in cell-free circulating DNA (cfDNA) levels. Specifically this ensures effective patient care, so that doctors know early on whether a patient is responding to treatment to mitigate adverse events.

Why is the RadTox™ Radiation Response test important?

This radiation response test monitors tissue damage-related toxicity from radiation therapy. As a result, this test fulfills the medical need in cancer radiation therapy by monitoring the side effects  severity within days of radiation treatment.

In particular this test allows for healthcare providers to know when to allow dosage escalation to tumors in less sensitive patients, aid development of radiotoxicity mitigators, and reduce over-treatment risk for sensitive patients.

Benefits of the RadTox™ cfDNA Radiation Response Test:

  • Plasma cell-free DNA (cfDNA) concentration correlates with radiation doses and predicts the level of radiation damage to tumor cells.
  • Generally 30-50% of individuals having cancer receive radiation therapy alone or in combination with surgery and chemotherapy. Additionally, almost 7 million patients receive radiation treatment per year.
  • Fulfills an unmet medical need in cancer radiation therapy by enabling early and rapid assessment of patient’s response to treatment.
  • Allows for dose escalation to tumors in less sensitive patients
  • Aid the development of radiotoxicity mitigators
  • Reduces risk of over-treatment for sensitive patients


Sample Type

  • Collection requires 2 blood samples. The first sample collection is before treatment and the second is collected 24-48 hours after radiotherapy.

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