TeleGenetics – Connecting  Families to Genetic Counseling and Diagnostic Services

Appointments Available within 1 Week.

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional Process for Genetic Counseling and Diagnostics Online

Our virtual visits allow us to provide guidance, test result interpretation and clinical evaluation (with limitations)

Experienced Geneticists and Genetic Counselors

We use trained staff to first obtain all of the information necessary to maximize the visit with the clinician.

Professional & Friendly Staff

We strive for transparency and try to address all questions as quickly as we can.

Requires Device with Camera

We need face to face interactions to optimize our video consultation. Strong internet connection required.

Appointments available usually within 1-2 weeks

Where in-person genetic evaluations are often months out, We can accomodate you sooner.

In-Person Visits in Orlando

Local in-person visits are always available in Central Florida.

Self-Pay and Insurance

We are working on being in-network with many payors. We will determine your costs prior to your visit

See If We Are In Your Network

Our Services

We provide a number of Genetic services. In addition, as a comprehensive Genetic Testing Laboratory, we can make sure the right testing is performed to address your genetic questions.

Genetic Diagnosis

Diagnostic services include evaluation to determine the testing strategy to identify or confirm a genetic diagnoses

Adult Genetics

From neurological conditions, cancer, cardiology and other specialties, we can offer the ability to address the growing need for genetics input in care and management of adults

Medical Second Opinion

Second opinions for rare diseases diagnoses and for understanding how molecular data may be used to optimize your care.


Pharmacogenomic testing allows for optimization of medication regimens with the goal of being on the right drug for the right condition.

Genetic Counseling

Disease risk is complicated. For rare disease, cancer predisposition, neurological conditions, genetic counseling allows for more informed decision making

Pediatric Genetics

Rare diseases and genetic syndromes of children are important to identify early to offer the opportunity to connect with support services as soon as possible.

Your Genetics Journey Starts Here

Flexible appointments.

Or call — 407-783-1000

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“It was so hard to get an appointment locally.  Using telegenetics, we had an action plan with our pediatrician to get testing done right away”



Comprehensive Genetics Care is Our Mission

Appointments are available.


7040 Lake Ellenor, Orlando, FL 32832

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