What is the Trusted Traveler’s Program App?

The African Union Commission and the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, otherwise knows as the African CDC, launched the Saving Lives, Economies and Livelihoods campaign to promote hassle-free travel across Africa while, at the same time, preventing International and domestic cross-border spread of COVID-19 infection.

This program designed a portal which is designed to create standardized entry and exit for travelers in Africa by giving information of travel restrictions and covid-19 testing requirements for international travel. The portal is designed for four different groups in mind: public health authorities, covid-19 lab test providers, airline operators, & travelers. Each group will be able to interact with this database differently and each group will help each other in a beneficial manner. Please click the link to view the video for more details.

Africa CDC COVID 19 Trusted Travel Portal

Key Features of Trusted Traveler’s Program App

  • Information about the latest travel restrictions and entry requirements applicable to the entire stretch of your journey. 
  • Database of authorized laboratories and vaccination compliance information.
  • Africa CDC “mutual recognition protocol” for COVID-19 testing and test results, and vaccination certificates (including yellow fever and a future COVID-19 vaccine).
  • Simplified health-related immigration processing for travelers and port officials. 
  • The information is supplied by African Union buy real testosterone enanthate online Member States and validated by Africa CDC.
  • More details here.


How does this Impact You?

Although this app was designed for the general African public, it can still be used by any International traveler. Also if you happen to be in the Orlando area, we can help with covid-19 testing before you travel. We offer a variety of covid-19 testing to help you prepare for your international travels. Our full testing menu can be viewed here. If you are leaving the United States to travel or return home, you can count us to give you the results you need to get your trip started. We hope to see you soon.


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