Why Applied InGENuity Diagnostics?

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Experienced Lab Personnel

As with most companies, our core strength is our Lab Personnel. Clinical Laboratory staff or integral to providing effective delivery of care in our healthcare system. Our staff ensures that the correct test is performed on the right person at the right time and that results are accurate. Laboratory test information is critical in allowing physicians to make the right clinical decisions regarding disease risk, screening, and treatment for their patients.

While technology continues to improve and expand, utilization of this technology in a cost-effective and quality-controlled process ensures that health-care providers can guide clinical care to optimize patient care.

At Applied Ingenuity Diagnostics, we are proud of our personnel and use an extensive on-boarding process and extensive continuing education to make sure that we continue to produce accurate, sensitive, and specific information using the best technologies possible. We empower our employees to have a vested interest in the testing process to make continuous improvements to process development to continue to improve testing cost-effectiveness.

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Patient-Focused Technology

Technology has no purpose if it does not serve a human need. At Applied Ingenuity, we utilize the latest technology but retain focus on our ultimate mission which is to provide accurate, cost-effective and clinically actionable test data to improve the health of our patients and our community.

We routinely survey our Providers to identify ways we can improve our test reporting process or other ways that we can continue to improve our role in Healthcare delivery. We are working on integration of ordering and reporting methods to optimize how patient data is transmitted to our care providers.

Most importantly, we provide access to clinical consultants so healthcare professionals have a resource for test interpretation and education. Our goal is to make sure that if a test is ordered, it is done with optimizing patient care and that the correct test is ordered to address the correct clinical question.

Expedited and STAT Service

We pride ourselves on service. A great deal of health-care costs are devoted to unnecessary ER visits and/or other care because of the lack of timely diagnostic information. Consequently, we have set up a system for Expedited and STAT service for many of our test offerings. Depending on the platform and complexity of the test, we will provide expedited lab test results whenever feasible if there is a clinical need.

Modern Lab Testing

Applied Ingenuity is dedicated to using the most modern technology available to provide cost-effective laboratory care. Laboratories need to be modular and flexible because of both technological advances and external economic pressures. Laboratory techniques need to be adaptable to the presence of new instrumentation or methodology to be able to modify the lab test or testing process to maximize test cost-effectiveness while providing cost-effective care.

Applied Ingenuity Diagnostics constantly reviews our test processes and tests for both clinical utility, cost and quality control.

The future of Precision Medicine is the use of AI or other machine learning technologies to optimize tests for specific clinical questions. Applied Ingenuity, uses a method where we combine a number of tests across platforms like genomics, metabolomics and proteomics and combine biomarkers and clinical data to optimize and personalize the clinical decision making process.

Applied Ingenuity identifies areas of clinical need and develops tests and algorithms to address these clinical needs. Consequently, although we perform many routine tests, our core strength is based on multi-parametric tests that address a specific clinical question.

We have a state of art modern diagnostic laboratory that uses some of the latest technologies in genomics, metabolomics and proteomics.

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